Tips on Choosing the RIGHT Glass Installation Company

Like any business there are the good and the bad companies.  Texas Glass wants to give you a few tips on what to look for when choosing a glass installation company.  If you follow these tips you'll never have a problem.

TIP #1- Check out the location of the glass company.  Everyone wants the business they deal with to be in a good neighborhood and close to home.  BUT some adhesives used by installers take a while to set so there's no leakage and it will hold up in the even of an accident.  Driving too far could hamper this and cause problems later on.  Keep in mind that a windshield is very important in car safety.  It keeps the frame from crushing in the event of an accident and triggers the airbag.  Make sure your windshield is always in good condition.  Even a small crack and alter the performance. 

Tip #2- Check to make sure the glass installation company does insurance claims. Insurance companies have comprehensive coverage that will replace the windshield for any reason.  In this case all the customer will pay is the deductible.  Otherwise the entire cost comes out of the customer's pocket. 

Tip #3- Make sure there's a warranty on the glass.  This usually only covers leakage or problems caused by the installation company.  If the customer drives down the road and a rock hits the windshield, it's typically not covered. 

Tip #4- Most glass companies will be able to get to the customer's car or house within a day or two, even on busy days.  If they can't get to the job within the week, then something is wrong and finding a new glass company is advised.

Tip #5- Many glass installers work out of their trucks or vans.  We advise using a glass installer that has a store front because it proves that they have a legitimate business. 

Tip #6- Check out how many years the company has been in business.  The longer the better.  It means that this company is doing something right, expectations of workers is high and quality is excellent.  Professional auto glass companies take the time to do it right the first time to avoid serious complications down the road.

TIP #7- ALWAYS make sure you understand what the installer will be doing to your car.  AND make sure that the installer understands what the problem with your car.  Ask as many questions as you want...even email Detective Break and he'll answer any question you have concerning auto glass, windows, block glass, etc.

All the companies listed by Texas Glass meet these criteria.  We only deal with glass companies with high standards for excellence.

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